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Sparkle Hut!

The MHS Color Guard Community

MHS Color Guard
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All Members

Welcome to Sparkle Hut!, the MHS Color Guard community!

Community administrator: _squat.

Remember, always be proud when you're called a "flaggot"!

Member, Name, and Position (listed in order of joining community)

Guardie Alumni:
karmickickme, Melissa, weapons
sabre_guardie14, Melanie, weapons/sabre captain
napoleon13, Elaine, flags/captain
xlonelytylenolx, Marla, *GIT/flag runner
bella_hugger, Ali, weapons/rifle captain
project_eden, Nicole, flags
fallxchild3, Christina, flags

Current Guard:
_squat, Squat, flags
potter__pothead, Potter, flags
lilmissbeauty13, Anna, flags

*GIT - Guardie In Training (also a mean word in England)

Guardie Quotes
"Practice makes perfect, but perfection is impossible, so keep practicing."
"When gravity says no, guard says go for it!"
"If the attitude sucks, the talent doesn't matter."
"Indoor guard -- Can you survive without your band?"
"It's alright, it's alright, it only hurts when I breathe." - weapons mantra
"Breathe together, spin together." - weapons mantra